Vision and Mission

The International College of National Taiwan University is a place where we train future leaders and begin to transform the world.

The International College of National Taiwan University (NTUIC) is one of the most recent, innovative, and visionary colleges of National Taiwan University. Our goal is to become the promotor of innovations and globalization in higher education in Taiwan and the next incubator for international talent in Asia.

The Driver of NTU’s Internationalization
NTU International College is the engine driving the internationalization of NTU. Its one-of-a-kind interdisciplinary master’s and doctoral programs multiply the strengths of our 11 professional colleges, enhancing NTU’s academic prestige globally and putting Taiwan on the world map.
Featuring English-Taught Master’s Programs Leveraging NTU’s Unique Strengths

The College will focus on BioAgriculture, Sustainable Disaster Prevention, and Smart Technologies in its initial phase. It will establish English-taught master’s programs which leverage NTU’s unique strengths and resources of NTU as well as those of Taiwan’s industries and cultures. It will integrate academic and industrial resources at NTU and beyond and offer comprehensive professional training by collaborating with international institutes.

Gathering International Momentum to Generate International Impact

The College will serve as NTU’s platform for various English-taught academic programs with international impact. Its various academic modules will highlight diversity, funnel international resources on campus, and create an impact felt beyond the borders of Taiwan.