Vision and Mission

The International College of National Taiwan University is a place where we train future leaders and begin to transform the world.

The International College of National Taiwan University (NTUIC) is one of the most recent, innovative, and visionary colleges of National Taiwan University. Our goal is to become the promotor of innovations and globalization in higher education in Taiwan and the next incubator for international talent in Asia.

NTU has been actively hosting international students for degree and exchange programs, recruiting international scholars to serve among its faculty, and increasing its course offerings in English since the 1980s. However, as of 2013, foreign students and scholars only comprise around 6% of the entire student and faculty body; and while there are over 950 courses offered in English at NTU annually, no degree program can be completely entirely in English as yet.

NTUIC wants to change that. We strive to create a truly international college experience by offering NTU’s first B.A. program to be instructed completely in English. Our faculty are top-notch academic and industry experts with significant overseas experience. Our student body consists of a lively mix of domestic and international students admitted through a competitive admissions process that adheres to international standards.

NTUIC is a lab for training future talents for our multicultural global society. We offer an innovative curriculum that capitalizes upon NTU’s academic excellence in the fields of humanities, engineering, and sciences but transcends disciplinary divides; synthesizes pedagogical initiatives from the leadership, entrepreneurship, design-school, and “borderless university” programs at NTU but goes beyond them by putting some of the most pioneering educational philosophies into practice. 

Here at NTUIC, we are invested in nurturing globally-oriented “specialized generalists” with the mindset and skillsets to quickly adapt to and thrive anywhere in the world. NTUIC graduates are not just innovators in academia and industry, they are also leaders in society. They are creative and analytical thinkers, competent problem-solvers, and dedicated citizens of the global village who care deeply about real-world problems and are passionate about creating the change they want to see in the world.