Program Features

Innovative Curriculum

Innovative Curriculum

In today’s world, the resolution of many important problems depends upon the collaboration and dialogue between different disciplines. Only specialists with the knowledge and mindsets of a generalist can easily identify problems and opportunities beyond disciplinary confines and communicate in a manner comprehensible to those outside their fields.

Our students are trained to become “specialized generalists” who not only have solid professional training in a select field, but a firm grasp of the unique perspectives and analytical tools in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. Aimed at training future leaders who possess the vision and skills to thrive in the global community, who can identify and analyze real-world problems from various disciplinary angles, propose creative solutions using the design-thinking and communications skills obtained from our innovative curriculum.

Learn to Think Holistically and Analytically with the Analytics Courses

At NTUIC, students enjoy a liberal arts education in the first two years, having the freedom to sample a wide array of courses from various arts and sciences disciplines according to their own interests and needs without having to declare their concentrations immediately. They learn to think beyond disciplinary divides and are encouraged to fully explore their aptitudes and interests in a variety of fields by taking classes from our Analytics Courses.

Learn to Communicate Effectively and Creatively with the Communications Courses

While the Analytics Courses teaches students how to gather, analyze, interprets phenomenon and data in different fields, our Communications Courses trains students to communicate effectively and creatively across disciplinary and cultural divides. The Communications Courses equips students with language, writing, presentation, and negotiation skills needed to translate words, voice, gesture, numbers, images, objects, and spaces into compelling messages.

Focus, Deepen, and Integrate What You’ve Learned in the Design Courses

The Analytics and Communications Courses offer ideas and tools to be applied in our Design Courses. Our Design Courses is small-sized, project-based seminars that trains students to conceptualize and create products, programs, and solutions targeting real-world needs. It is led by faculty familiar with teaching design-thinking and foster teamwork and creative brainstorming among peers.

Fine-Tune Your Specialty with our Concentrations Courses

In their junior and senior years, students take classes from one of the three Concentrations Courses to complement and fine-tune knowledge and methodologies obtained from the aforementioned Communications, Analytics and Design Courses. These three tracks of study capitalize upon established concentrations at NTU. They include “Humanities and Business,” “Engineering and Sciences,” and “Life Sciences and Health.”

Distinguished Faculty and Peers

Distinguished Faculty and Peers

The 120 students we expect to admit each year are drawn from the best and brightest around the world following admissions criteria that adheres to international standards. We look for students who not only show a high-level of academic potential, intellectual curiosity, and emotional maturity, but are also service-minded leaders, visionary thinkers, pragmatic doers interested in learning about and initiating positive change in the world. We especially welcome candidates who are fluent in English, have extensive experience living, studying, or working abroad, or have received admissions offers from top universities abroad. Given Taiwan’s close geographical, historical, economical, and cultural ties with Southeast Asia, we also encourage top talents from member countries of the ASEAN Economic Community to apply.

Our faculty are recruited from NTU faculty members recognized for their stellar performance in teaching, research, and mentoring. We also regularly invite academic and industry heavyweights to offer intensive seminars that introduce students to the latest thoughts, trends, and practices in their fields. Students wouldn’t need to travel to interact in person with internationally-renowned masters. Through small, interactive, workshop-style classes and a high faculty-student ratio, students have ample opportunity to receive guidance in personal, academic, and professional realms from faculty members.

Learning Beyond the Classroom

Learning Beyond the Classroom

We offer a highly international learning environment at NTUIC. In addition to the international student and faculty body at NTUIC, we are the only college at NTU that offers a four-year B.A. program entirely in English. Distinguished senior students will be given the opportunity to participate in study abroad programs, complete internships overseas, participate in international competitions, and visit innovative businesses and organizations overseas annually.

NTUIC’s main classroom building and administrative offices will be located in the heart of Taipei, in a completely renovated space on the former campus of NTU’s School of Law and Social Sciences on Xuzhou Road. Close to NTU’s School of Medicine and Public Health, this campus a historical landmark from the Japanese Colonial Period and was a hotbed of Taiwan’s democratic movement. Thus, the NTUIC headquarters is an apt embodiment of the freedom of thought and revolutionary spirit we promote at NTUIC.