Biodiversity /Conservation / Sustainability / Governance
Biodiversity contributes to many of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and these goals have direct impact on human well-being and earth sustainability. Taiwan is an island in East Asia from tropical in the south to subtropical in the north with beaches and coral reef off the astonishing seashore. It has the highest density of high mountains in the world and heavily forested. With more than 250 summits over 3,000 meters high, the vegetation varies considerably from low land monsoon rainforest to high-mountain coniferous forest and alpine tundra, providing homes to a diverse range of wildlife.

Climate Change and Biodiversity
Pollination and alpine ecology
Evolutionary Biology
Tropical plant diversity and Conservation
Computer-Intensive Statistics in Ecology
Introduction to R for Ecologists
Research Methods in Ecology
Scientific Methods and Writing
Study Abroad:Biodiversity and Sustainable Development (Toyooka Japan)
Ethnobotany: Thematic Seminar and Fieldwork

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