As the human population ages worldwide and the need for medical resources increases, the smart medicine industry should continue its development drawing from the knowledge fields of both digital technology and medicinal studies. In response to such developmental trend in smart medicine, the Master Program of Smart Medicine and Health Informatics at National Taiwan University combines Information and Communications Technology and biomedical health sciences – two highly developed fields of Taiwan – to provide students the most holistic and interdisciplinary training. The Program offers core curriculum that is based on three foci: Personalized and Smart Medicine, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and Biomedical Signal and Processing. The curriculum trains and equips students with a quantitative framework, foundational physiological knowledge, and problem-solving skills to meet the unmet needs of the current medical field. This Program welcomes students of various professional and academic backgrounds, and trains its students in navigating a cross-disciplinary field and grasping the industry trends through comprehensive courses and clinical training. Providing in-depth training on both the theoretical and practical elements, this Program will produce leaders who will continue to innovate the field of smart medicine and health informatics.
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