【Press Sharing】TMU’s Smart Triage App Advocates Digitalized Modern Lifestyle
To tackle the ongoing epidemic, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) of the US hold a COVID-19 Hackathon in April. Among the 200 projects being showcased, the Smart Triage App, developed by Taipei Medical University (TMU) won the prize.
【Press Sharing】From curse to bless: Thalidomide might shed light on COVID-19 treatment
Thalidomide was a notorious medicine that caused more than 10,000 of deformed newborn babies. However, little did people know, Thalidomide has become the prescription medicine for leprosy, HIV, and multiple myeloma. Scientists now think its mechanism could become a possible cure for pneumonia caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus.
【Press Sharing】NTU Hospital Dr. Ping-Ing Lee refutes the rumor of possibility of coronavirus reinfection
Taiwan has maintained the record of zero confirmed cases for more than 10 days. However, compared to other countries, the pandemic status continues to worsen. In East Europe and South Korea, COVID-19 cluster spreading reoccurred, leading to the rising concern among Taiwanese about the reoccurrence of foreign imported cases.
【Press Sharing】NCKU and Southeast Asia countries hubs fight COVID-19 with technology innovations
COVID-19 pandemic has hit the whole globe late last year. People are faced with severe challenges in their health, life and societies. This unprecedented moment is regarded as an ordeal for all governments, and a spur for most countries to tremendously dedicate to advance related biotechnology and medical epidemic preventions.
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Investigation Into Cluster Infection Involving Naval Crews of Dunmu Fleet Is Complete; Infection Found Only Within Naval Crew Members Aboard Panshi
The Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced findings of an investigation into the cluster infection of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) involving naval crews of Dunmu fleet. The investigation finds 36 …
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Taiwan and Australia Cooperate Together on Scientific Research to Fight Against Pandemics, and Jointly Develop New Anti-novel Coronavirus Drugs
To support in containing the COVID-19 epidemic, the Ministry of Science and Technology Taiwan (MOST) proactively promotes cooperation between the domestic academic research community and foreign …
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The Collaborative Effort of Taiwan and India’s Science and Technology Innovation Center on Epidemic Prevention
To align with the New Southbound policy, the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) has been providing funding for academic institutions in Taiwan and their counterparts in South and Southeast Asian countries to establish “Science and Technology Innovation Centers (STICs).” Since 2017, 12 STICs have been set up in …
【Press Sharing】Food safety inspection technology can be used on COVID-19 testing! Cheng-Chih Hsu proposed the world first Mass Spectrometry COVID-19 screening lab
Research labs and R&D teams around the world are working together to seek cures for COVID-19 at a record high speed. Although Taiwan has successfully contained the virus at the early stage of the outbreak, local research teams remain highly engaged in various COVID-19 researches across different disciplines.
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