Concentrations Courses

Another feature of NTUIC is that students do not need to declare majors in their first two years of study. Instead, freshmen and sophomores take interdisciplinary foundation courses and communication courses that train them to consider problems carefully from different disciplinary angles and communicate effectively with people from different backgrounds.

In their junior year, however, students will chose specific concentrations from the “Concentrations Courses” according to their aptitudes and career aspirations. Currently, NTUIC offers three concentrations that take capitalize upon NTU’s particular academic strengths. These areas of concentrations include “Humanities and Business,” “Engineering and Sciences,” and “Life Sciences and Health.” To declare a concentration, students need to take up to 36 credits of courses in that field.

In the future, NTUIC will continue to expand the concentrations into a number of tracks that include pre-med classes, disaster-prevention, agricultural development, etc.—areas in which NTU has a proven record of excellence. To help students deepen their learning and formulate an expertise, we will arrange for distinguished faculty members to serve as mentors. They will offer course selection guidance and help students customize their learning trajectories.