To graduate, NTUIC students are required to take 128 credits from the following five pools of courses:


To make sure that enrollment and course registration procedures are synchronized, the typical academic year at NTUIC generally coincides with that of other colleges at NTU. However, the duration of NTUIC’s courses are highly flexible, adjusted to best suit the nature of the course. Courses run between 15-18 weeks long, with up to three weeks of flexible study-time, where students complete assignments off-campus. Students will be able to take year-long 6-credit courses, semester-long 4-credit courses, and 9-week long 2-credit courses. The 9-week long courses are similar in course load and pace to quarter system classes in the USA.
The format of our courses are also experimental. The innovative “flip classroom” model, where students listen to pre-recorded lectures at home and participate in workshops in class, as well as the archived online courses are all possible formats in which classes can be conducted.