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Shu-Jen Wang 王淑珍
Leading the development of the Office


Yu-Jen Chiu 邱于真
Chief Executive Officer
Managing the overall operations of the Office


Chong-An Chen 陳寵安
Program Manager

– Administrative affairs of Master Program in
Global Agriculture Technology and Genomic
Science (Global ATGS)
– Other duties as assigned


Shan-Shan Ou 歐姍姍
Program Manager

– Preparation of Master’s Program in Biodiversity (MPB)
– Other duties as assigned


Yi-Hua Tsai 蔡宜樺
Program Manager

– Student recruitment and program promotion
(Global ATGS and MPB)
– Public relations and global engagement
– Social media management and website maintenance
– Other duties as assigned


Yi-Chieh Wang 王乙絜
Program Manager

– Preparation of International College
– Preparation of Master Program of
Disaster Prevention and Damage Reduction
– Preparation of Master Program of
Global Smart Medicine and Digital Healthcare
– Accounting and official document registration
– Other duties as assigned