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The founding of the International College of National Taiwan University (NTUIC) marks a milestone in NTU’s promotion of international education.

NTUIC centers on the concept of three “BOTHs”, which are

Bring Other Talents Here

Bring Our Talents Homes

Be Outstanding. Think Humanity

The last BOTH will be achieved through the creation of a high-quality open learning environment in which students seek excellence while bearing humanity in mind, building up a strong mentality and global vision.

NTUIC will use NTU’s value of freedom as a foundation to create an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural borderless learning ecosystem. In that blissful and free learning environment, global talent would gear up the courage to face challenges and learn to respect differences. By continually linking Taiwan to the world, NTUIC will not only serve as a base for Taiwan’s talents as they move toward the world but also make Taiwan an academic hometown to even more outstanding global talents.